About five years ago I fell into the hole of Java security, and I am still clawing my way out. Since you are visiting this site, you have probably dug a little hole for yourself, too. The Java Way of Active Directory is my way of helping you dig yourself out.

This site is focused squarely on Java and Active Directory, which interoperate over a number of security protocols like Kerberos, LDAP, SSL, SPNEGO, and GSSAPI. The beauty of this marriage of Java and Active Directory is the solid foundation of standards, and little invention is required of the software developer. The tragedy of this marriage is that the parents of the betrothed, Sun and Microsoft, are loathe to acknowledge the union. In their documentation, these companies refer to each other as “non-native” technologies. Apparently their ideal is to behave like natives.

This site respects the combination of Java and Active Directory as an important, mainstream use case. Developers should not have to dig through scattered documentation, scour message forums for clues, or Google for “java kerberos what the %$&#@” in order to get these technologies to work. They are supposed to work together, and this site is dedicated to helping you make that happen.

Say, would you mind handing me that shovel?

- Jim Hansen -